Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Sad to say that rds is gone =/
alot of good music finds there
hope its not the last i hear from pitope,barkas,billy, and tiny
keep in touch were still going and so is nekros
and alf!


  1. it`s a pitty.hope to see you somewhere else. Billy

  2. hey there guys, thanks for the kind words. RDS meant alot to me, as i did alot of the posting there. I love all those guys that worked on that blog with me. And I personally thank satan for believing in me and my post. You guys will be able to still find Myself and Pitope at my other blog the death party, which also has my 2 good friends Barking Dog and Fuaking jerk. Barkas may be on board as well. see you all there or here or somewhere.,

  3. Salut / Hi !!!

    Thanx for your kind words guys...
    As Nekro told you i will contribute to the death party (Thanx Nekro for your invitation), and it will be GOOD !!!

    So read you soon guys...On THE DEATH PARTY.