Saturday, January 2, 2010

Montrabrombas- Demos

the singer : - now the webmaster of : and the guitar-player we still love this kind of music !!!

we asked a buddie to play drums - his answer : ' i never played drums before...' - but hey so what ?

the bass-player wasen't able to play slap-bass - his answer to it : 'i also could play in a wave-band'

so we tried to make what i now call : 'Oldschool Psychobilly '

From 1990-92 we tried to do some Neo-Rockabilly

the drummer now makes Sound-Installations with 3 Radios,Oscilloscope and Sound-effects + other stuff : his music now

the bass-player lives now-a-days in other galaxies...a few years ago he tried to be a disco performer + called himself 'Roy Biki'

now it's all gone... but hey Rock'n'Roll !

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