Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Slanderin - Psychobilly Lives

L.A. Psychobilly
These guys were an awesome band. My cousin played with these guys for a good while and got to tour with The Meteors twice. Spent a lot of my time hanging out with these guys before they split. Still love this album to death...

Skunk Draino(Guitar) and Moe(Drums) are still in the music scene with their band, The Kat Killers. Mal Wrekker was part of that line-up for a good while too and he's still with Hayride to Hell from what I last remember. Christian Slander(Guitar&Vox) has a new line-up for The Slanderin.

Only the dead understand... how depraved I am.



  2. ya some of the new guys are from that dimple dick band the triggers.

  3. Yeah I don't like the new line-up nor any of the new songs. Not the same feeling or sound Skunk and Moe gave them. Only thing that sounds the same was Christian's vocals.