Friday, August 6, 2010

Swindle- Demo



  2. Hi Bump !

    I dont know if you knew it, but swindle is the second band of Loic (Singer+guitars of The Celicates).
    Loic was also the guitarist of Frantic Flintstones on Champagne for all and the shows they were doing at this time.
    Lately he was playin' in a kind of garage band (I dont remember the name and im too lazy at this time to search after it).
    But I know that swindle will restart some shows later this year...
    They will play with "no hits makers" (Check my space) in which Larbi (Double bass player in swindle) is also playing...
    Pfuiit , im done with it !!!
    Best regards !

    Ps: Btw did you have the demo of swindle with the bonus video of Celicates or just the simple one with no vid ?
    Ive got the one with the vid...if you need it check RdS i will do something about it !